Yearly Horoscopes

In Chinese philosophy, 2015 is the year of the Wood Goat, lasting from February 19, 2015, to February 7, 2016. It is supposed to combine the slow growth of Wood with the creative, social, and sensitive nature of Goat. Let’s have fun with the Yearly Horoscopes below. Use it as a basic guide to preparing well for the future.

Chinese Yearly Horoscopes
Yearly Horoscopes

This year, Pig, Goat, and Rabbit natives will be extremely lucky. Everybody will want to help you! You should take some time to hang out and have fun with friends. Teamwork becomes a priority – cooperate with others on a charity or volunteer work in the community.

An intense Solar Eclipse on March 20 will challenge many signs – particularly Rat, Dragon, and Monkey natives – to get rid of old patterns and turn in new directions. You should practice patience at the beginning of the year. What goes away now is not necessary for a happy and rewarding life anymore.

The April 4 Lunar Eclipse is especially important for Ox, Snake, and Rooster people. Wood suggests careful analysis and practical solutions. You are responsible for your future. Do not get stuck in fear or anger. Forgiveness and gratitude are useful for personal transformation.

June marks the rising of recreation, romance, optimism, and creative innovation. Rabbit, Goat, and Pig will tend to spend more money on luxury items. The New Moon on August 14 is perfect for love, especially for action-oriented Dog, Tiger, and Horse. Listen to your heart and do what you enjoy, as Yearly Horoscopes advised you.

The Lunar Eclipse on September 27 can call for a toxic relationship. It is time to set up personal boundaries. Put your needs in priority. Dwelling too much on the past only keeps you stuck. Let’s take action to begin a new chapter of your life book.

Goat is famous for landing on its feet, and thus 2015 could be the year that everyone begins to feel more secure. The Wood Element bring a new chance to earn recognition and reward. Change your lifestyle to improve your health; do not forget to invite your friends to join you.

At the end of the year, determined and analytical Ox, Snake, and Rooster will reap the rewards of their patience and careful planning. A major shift in energy will come in January 2016. Let’s welcome some exciting surprises, just like Yearly Horoscopes said.

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