What Is My Horoscope in Different Systems?

What is my horoscope?
What is my horoscope?

What is my horoscope is something that you may often wonder when you have just started taking an interest in astrology. However, the fact is that the reading provided can differ from one system to another. As such, you must understand which you want to use for these readings. Here are some of the systems that you can use.

The Systems
  • The Western System
  • Chances are that you are already familiar with the western system of horoscopes. In this system, there are 12 signs of the Zodiac, each of them are based on a constellation. Each sign has its own ruling planet and belongs to any one of 4 elements. These aspects affect the sign in various ways and determine things such as the compatibility between two signs. Each sign is assigned to a person on the basis of the date of birth and they have approximately four weeks each during the year.

  • The Vedic System
  • The good thing about the Vedic system is that it is quite similar to the Western system. The signs and the symbols used for this system are the same as the Western one. Similarly, each sign rules four weeks in a year and is assigned as per the date of birth. However, the timings of the signs are different between the Vedic and the Western system. For example, 21st June is Cancer as per Western horoscopes but it falls under Cancer under the Vedic one.

  • The Chinese System
  • This system is completely different from the Vedic and the Western ones. It does have 12 signs but they are not what are used in other systems. Moreover, this system employs yearly horoscope 2016. As such, the signs are assigned to people on the basis of the year they were born in rather than the date of birth.

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