Sagittarius Woman Traits

The Sagittarius sign of the Zodiac is applied to those born from November 22 to December 21. If it is your case and you’re in quest of Sagittarius woman traits, wisely concern yourself with the growing interest in Horoscope and its analyses. Work on the basis of your birth date, Horoscope tells the world a lot about your inborn traits that are partly maintained till the adulthood.

Positive Traits of Sagittarius Woman

Being ruled by the planet Jupiter, the Sagittarius individuals tend to have the temperate characteristics that are open to various circumstances. Among the 4 essential elements of the universe, the ninth sign of the Zodiac is grouped into the Fire element featuring the free spirit, strong sense of adventure and humor, optimism, etc. In reference to its pictorial symbol – the Archer, the Sagittarius is notable via its pride and great fervor. Hence, it is normal to witness a Sagittarius woman who is highly flirtatious and light-hearted.

Obviously, most Sagittarius women are famous for their restless energy and enthusiasm in any sort of activities. As they can see the light of happiness most of the time, their optimism inspires others to feel great when working together with them in achieving some certain goals. In most adventurous situations, the optimistic women turn to be the great inspirational sources for the others to make efforts.

Along with that, expect to talk to a Sagittarius woman who is straightforward enough to tell you directly what she thinks. Even though the honest comments may make others feel uncomfortable, they are all beneficial to the hearers in the true aspects. For no sign of deception, the Archer mostly says something she means rather than massaging the truths.

As Sagittarius women are intelligent, they are able to scatter their energy to various subjects in the diverse ways. Bearing in mind that this Zodiac sign has the strong belief in mortality and ethics! Hence, they have no reasons to deceive anyone. Thanks to the robust sense towards both philosophical and religious matters, the Sagittarius woman can share their views on numerous matters with no sign of domination or discrimination.

In a talk to the Sagittarius woman, you can profoundly realize how generous she is. Since she has the broad mind and large heart, she is likely to take at ease to listen to your stories and help you to live better. In that sense, she will never be reluctant to partake in your adventurous journey. To the Archer, taking risks helps to promote their life excitement productively.

Negative Traits of Sagittarius Woman
Sagittarius Woman Traits

On the downsides, Sagittarius girls tend to be careless as they often take things for granted no matter how uncertain the life is. In most cases, their carelessness drives them to lose chances and commit the repeated failure. Besides, others will also criticize them for their rash decisions and attitude. Along with that, the Sagittarius woman may become tactless in her friends’ eyes when behaving in the inconsiderate demeanor. With the big lack of sensitively, her directness causes others to feel hateful.

Especially, the uncontrollable energy may sometimes go beyond the Archer’s control. Hence, her restlessness and impatience are the big red flags in gaining success in any kind of relationship. As they find it hard to focus on things intensely, their wandering eyes are restless enough to make their partners feel hurtful.

When it comes to love, the Sagittarius woman‘s level of interest can vary frequently. Therefore, it is impossible to say how long she can maintain the thrill of being in love with you. Since she is overconfident, she usually ends up thing with many mistakes that need to be solved by the careful partners instead.

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