Sagittarius Weekly Love Horoscope

The Archers are curious and philosophical. It is hard for them to believe anything or anyone at the first sight or in the first meeting, and thus it takes them a lot of time to form opinions. They aim to uncover the mysteries of their own and others with their innate curiosity and penetrating logic. How about a Sagittarius in love? Read this article to know more about Sagittarius Weekly Love Horoscope.

What to expect in Sagittarius Weekly Love Horoscope?
Sagittarius Weekly Love Horoscope

The Sagittarius-bearers exhibit a typical duality in their personality. Frank as they are, they often end up asking or saying crude things in their attempt to know and see. Even though they are willing to learn new things, they resent formal training and complicated education systems. They are fanatics yet atheists, tactless yet serious, and positive yet entertain doubts. They love independence, and restrictions of any sort can truly frustrate them.

For the Sagittarius, love is loyal and truthful. It has to come from fully deep understood before they can completely accept it. Such idealism usually prevents them from finding true love, and thus the Archers are emotionally insecure. However, they know how to hide their insecurities by their talkative and insensitive exteriors. The danger here is that they can investigate too much and find too little. They can be over-cautious and fail to introspect. The Sagittarius-born people often look upon love as something that confines them rather than something that liberates them. Nevertheless, like Sagittarius Weekly Love Horoscope said, an understanding partner can truly grow in their company.

The Sagittarians are jovial, talkative, positive, and adventurous when they are in love. Though their lack of tact and forthright opinions may sometimes hurt their partners, the Archers win them back soon with their wisdom and a great sense of humor. They are happiest in the beginning stages of a relationship and tend to get bored when the relationship grows older. They are restless and feel confined by the commitment and responsibilities that a relationship requires. Besides, the Archers can be too absorbed in themselves, which may hurt their relationship.

Love Guide for Sagittarius
  • Element: Air
  • Ruling Planet: Jupiter
  • Quality: Mutable; Masculine; Positive
  • Lessons to release in love: Frank and Honest. Love is to communicate and to understand.
  • Lessons to learn in love: Devotion and Loyalty. If Sagittarians secretly admire someone and wish to know whether it is worth getting into a relationship, they should read Sagittarius Weekly Love Horoscope.

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