Sagittarius Negative Traits

In general, Sagittarius is known as the rare gem among all of the Zodiac signs since it often gets along with other signs both in terms of romance and relationship. Those born under this sign often possess jovial nature, intellect and wit that can attract others to them easily.

To be considered as the 9th sign of the Zodiac cycle and ruled by the planet Jupiter, Sagittarius is represented by an archer or a centaur – a person with half man and half horse. People who have dates of birth between November 23rd and December 21st will be listed as Sagittarius. It is truly a fire sign, and very compatible with some Zodiac signs such as Leo, Aquarius, Aries and Libra. Of course, it is also an extrovert and masculine sign.

Sagittarius and Its Dark Sides

Normally, every Zodiac sign seems to have their positive and negative characteristics. Wish to know more about Sagittarius Negative Traits so that we can find it easy to deal with a Sagittarian for betterment? Don’t worry! Some information from this article will lend us a hand!

Sagittarius Negative Traits
  • Restless

    Believe it or not, one of the dark sides of a Sagittarian is her restlessness. She may not stay still for a very long time and will get bored quickly. Instead, she puts her trust in getting the fast outcomes. If any task tends to be taking more time to complete than usual, then she will be more likely to give it up and move on to another new and interesting.

    However, at times, she is more apt to work in a crisis circumstance. One of the obvious reasons here is that a pressure situation can bring out the best in her. Specially, the mundane day-to-day routine will surely bore her easily, and she is likely to leave them on others. Because she is very fond of the future outcome, she often does not pay much attention to the present.
  • Talkative
    To be described as a quite extroverted person, a Sagittarian is often very talkative, and does not know when to talk and when to keep quiet. She is an individual who can give a compliment like that “Wow Marry! You look completely different in this new dress, especially because it may hide your fat belly!” Yes, she will not know the ways to give a beautiful compliment. Maybe she does not even realize that she might have offended us in some ways since it seemed not to be what she wanted to say.

    Her tactless traits can hurt others, and if we have a Sagittarian friend, don’t get annoyed once the next time she attempts to compliment us. She is really innocent and frank like a kid, and does not hesitate to tell something exactly she feels. Besides, she is a good story-teller, and always knows the ways to start a conversation. At times, she may be perceived as too blunt by virtue of her frankness that knows no bounds.
  • Overconfident
    People belonging to this Sagittarius sign are often overconfident by temperament. This is depicted as one of their negative traits, and often makes others surrounding them very annoyed. Sometimes, a Sagittarian supposes that nobody may do the jobs better than herself. She is gifted with a special instinct of realizing the right and great opportunities, and will not think twice to grab these ones. Truly, although her robust trait really helps her achieve all of her targets, getting overly confident sometimes can make her end up making a lot of wrong decisions and serious mistakes.
    Try to get a deep understanding of a Sagittarian’s personal traits so that we can know whether she is compatible with us or not.

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