Gemini Woman Scorpio Man

Jumping to the 2015, we’d like to provide the information about the compatibility of the Zodiac signs. These two can be good at friendship. However, when the matter concerns about love, they are not really stable. If you want to know more about the interesting features of these two, continue to read the article about Gemini Woman – Scorpio Man.

With different personalities and characteristics, most people believe that this pair is hard to combine together. Gemini (the Third Zodiac sign) is bright and passionate. A person born under this sign has these main traits, like outgoing, tactful, casual, and selfish. He/she hates envious and revengeful behavior. On the other way, Scorpio (the Eighth Zodiac sign) is extremely cautious and stern. They are easy to get jealous, egotistic, and overprotective.

The Friendship Compatibility

Gemini Woman Scorpio Man

In terms of general friendship (siblings, friends, and colleagues) compatibility, Gemini and Scorpio can get along quite well. If you are a Gemini and you need a loyal buddy, no one can compare or replace Scorpio. With a smooth relationship, they will be in the upper hand on everything they perform. People who were born under these signs are very open-minded. They love to live and play new things for the day. The only thing can kill their spirit is boredom and routine. On the other hand, Scorpios are intensive and passionate. They love to give all things they had rather than receive. These two can sacrifice themselves or defend each other when facing problems or hardship. The main key that creates a beautiful friendship is communication.

The Love Compatibility

In a relationship of Gemini woman and Scorpio man, they might feel attracted with each other initially. Scorpio finds the Gemini interesting due to the intellect that she holds. She always has many new ideas when chatting with other people, and the capacity to influence them in her own way. But for a long period, she can’t keep up to his expectation. She dislikes Scorpio man’s jealousy and distrust. On the contrary, he can’t stand her irresponsible nature. However, the true love between them rarely happens because both of them own different characteristics that are not being liked another one.

The problem between these two also arises because the man likes things which are going slowly while the girl loves moving fast. That’s why he feels hard to spend time with her. The Scorpio man doesn’t find any interested in talking so much while the other side loves to chit chat all the times. Another point that proves Gemini woman does not understand that point of view of her man; that’s he is extremely emotional and wants to build a strong bond through understanding.

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