Gemini Man Aries Woman

According to the Horoscope compatibility, Gemini man and Aries woman are considered as signs that enable to form a passionately amazing union, but often for a short time. Both signs belong to the Air and Fire element, so they’re always full of confidence and enthusiasm to decorate their life with beautiful colors of emotions.

Who is Ms. Aries? – The Aries is the firs sign in the Zodiac and is represented by the Ram. Belonging to the Fire element, they are rather outstanding with 3 factors as pioneering, leading, and frenetic. Therefore, the Aries woman is quite strong, determined, ebullient, and attach much importance to her ego.

When combing with Gemini sign (belongs to the Air element), it’s believed as the perfect couple that can assist each other. As you know, Fire needs Air in order to set a fire of indulgence and preserve enthusiasm; meanwhile, Air needs Fire to inflame the passion and ardor as well as stimulating the creativity and imagination.

Aries woman dating Gemini man – an interesting couple

Gemini Man Aries Woman

It can be said that both of them are decided beforehand. They’re described as children because of their similar points such as unprejudiced, agile, active, and love discovering new things. They easily catch the other’s attraction for the first sight because of their ebullient behavior. Mr. Gemini loves Ms. Aries’ shining style and her confidence. Meanwhile, she adores his intellect as well as his clever behavior.

Their love looks like a magnet. When attracting anything, it’s hard to separate. They have lots of similarities in traits and hobbies. Therefore, they easily find the common points and discuss passionately without feeling bored. In love, Aries female seems to become a controller; while, Gemini male is flexible and changeable in order to please her requests. Nonetheless, if spending for a long time, Ms. Aries should control her ego; otherwise, Mr. Gemini might have a tendency to rebel against her requirements.

Generally speaking, the gentle and airy Gemini man could generate a close connection with the fiery Aries woman. Both are able to work well as a team in order to overcome any issue in life. They relish the generally shared love and devotion. Nonetheless, to the Gemini, his freedom is above the protection supplied by loved; meanwhile, to the Aries, love is just an analogue of life.

  • The index of compatibility: 9/10
  • The index of romance: 10/10
  • The index of argument: 5/10
  • The index of durability: 8/10

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