Capricorn Traits Negative

Some Capricorn Traits
Capricorn Traits Negative

Capricorn with the earth element is the 10th sign of the horoscope, and it is ruled by Saturn. Most folks born under this sign own prominent traits such as ambitious, cautious, sensible and sensitive. These are possibly regarded as the best qualities which lead the Capricorns to top of success advantageously. Specifically, thanks to these qualities, they typically make right decisions for themselves. For some difficult situations, mindless solutions will never appear in the action of Capricorns; instead, they choose to take well-calculated risks to reach the target. However, some of the negative traits will be obstacles blocking their paths to something perfect. Today, you have an opportunity of getting insights of people belonging to the Capricorn through their negative traits.

Negative Traits Of Capricorns

Stubborn and Selfish

It’s easy to recognize that Capricorns are very headstrong and selfish. Perhaps, these characteristics emanate from their ambition. Never stopping taking up anything, being confident that everything under their calculation is perfect, and highly focusing on their own benefits are symptoms of the stubborn Capricorns. In addition, they prevent all bad things from their perfect world at any cost.


Having strong feelings of usually giving right solutions and exact calculations, the Capricorns never give up their conservative opinions. That’s why they will be easily pessimistic if finding that solving the odds becomes too difficult for them. At that time, a pessimistic view of the perfect world likely falls down in front of their eyes.

Detached, Superior and Snobbish

It’s probably said that success easily come to the Capricorns because they have hard efforts in the life, and own the good traits like cautious, wise and sensible. Further, they often carve for becoming main characters in many events. Thus, there is no doubt that the Capricorns seem superior and snobbish. These traits will surely cause the bad impression on friends and people around them. Because of that, they can sometimes live aloof from their neighbors.


It’s surprised that the Capricorns can show many conflicting emotions like funny and witty at the same time, which makes them behave strangely. Sometimes, it’s found that the Capricorns look cold and harsh, but this is their individual way to keep themselves calm from getting hurt or embarrassed.

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