Capricorn Characteristics & Personality

The Sign Capricorn represents for balance, stability, and wisdom. People who were born under this sign are also known as the Sea Goats. They are sensible, sensitive and secure in their own space. They do not take emotional decisions but will act aggressively to gain what they want. Let’s take a glance at the Capricorn traits.

Positive Traits of Capricorn

Capricorn Traits
  • Practical: The Capricorn are very famous for their practical approach. They prefer to apply their logic and intelligence into any action after making the right decisions.
  • Ambitious: The Capricorn people are self-confident. They always set big goals and try their best efforts to accomplish them. The sea goats are ambitious to earn a secure future for themselves and their families.
  • Wise: The Capricorn natives are mature and sensible; they do not get carried away by fantasies. All of the friends of the Capricorn have faith in their judgement and usually ask for their advice.
  • Disciplined: The Goats pay a lot of respect for those who focus on their goals. You will never find the Capricorn dealing with important matters in a careless way.
  • Patient: Once Capricorn put their entire hearts on some goal, they will immediately set out to attain it. They are very patient and truly understand that things take times to materialize.
  • Cautious: The sea goats are not impulsive at all; they will never take a risk or choose anything that has the potential to mess up their lives. They always look for stability.

Negative Traits of Capricorn

  • Pessimistic: The Goats tend to become pessimistic since they find it difficult to go against the odds. They always regard themselves as under-achievers, no matter how much they achieve.
  • Stubborn: Those who were born under the Zodiac Sign Capricorn have a strong belief that their decisions and methods are perfect, and thus will rarely change their opinions.
  • Shy: Capricorn-bearers are good at communications but are basically shy people. They usually take their free sweet time to be with the best of friends.
  • Self-centred: They are very conscious of how things will affect them. This preoccupation sometimes makes people think they are selfish.
  • Detached: The sea goats can be very detached people who will not get close to others easily. Emotional attachment does not come easily to them.
  • Moody: The Capricorn-born can be funny and witty at one moment and then grumpy at the very next. These mood swings sometimes make them behave irresponsibly, which can ruin everything in their lives.

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